Super-Heavyweight Socks (light brown)



A super-warm and really thick sock for the coldest temperatures or for people who suffer with cold feet! These socks can work as boarding, hiking or welly-boot socks. They are a heavy-weight sock that lack the subtleties of some of the other socks available, but you won’t find many thicker alpaca socks!

Materials: 45% Alpaca; 45% Acrylic; 10% Nylon.  Made in the USA.

Sizes: (UK sizes) Small= 4 to 7; Medium= 7 to 10; Large= 9 to 12; X Large= 12 to 15

Care: Machine or hand wash with cool or cold water.  Hang dry or lay flat to dry.  Avoid the tumble dryer.  

Alpaca socks resist odour due to their ability to wick moisture and keep bacteria levels lower.  They therefore require washing less frequently than other socks. 


Alpaca made garments are warm, strong, soft, hypoallergenic, odour repellent, temperature regulating, moisture wicking and sustainable.  See our webpage “Why is alpaca special?” for more information!


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Super-Heavyweight Socks (light brown)
Super-Heavyweight Socks (light brown)

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