Extreme Weather Beanie Hat (grey)

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Designed for extreme cold weather, the Iditarod Beanie Hat features a thick tightly knit layer of 100% baby alpaca and an extra layer of solid fleece lining.  The Iditarod beanie hat will keep you warm and focused for the challenges of outdoor activity in cold climates.

Materials: 100% Alpaca; black fleece lining. Made in Peru.

Size: Available in one unisex size. Naturally flexible, the knit alpaca Iditarod beanie hat will fit most men and women.  

Care: Hand wash in room temperature water with baby shampoo. Air dry. 


Alpaca made garments are warm, strong, soft, hypoallergenic, odour repellent, temperature regulating, moisture wicking and sustainable.  See our webpage “Why is alpaca special?” for more information!


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Extreme Weather Beanie Hat (grey)
Extreme Weather Beanie Hat (grey)

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